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Mazeborn - Gymcrash - A Soulslike Inspired Game.

By gymcrash Published on Mar 1st, 2018 Last updated on Mar 19th, 2018


== Old Screens ==


Souls-like, Bloodborne style game for the PICO-8. Navigate your way through insanity as you unlock your mind and free yourself.

Save your mind from the grasp of great insanity. Gather your treasured memories to increase your stamina and keep yourself moving while you expand and unlock your twisted mind.

Discover the 2 different endings...if you can survive your own psyche and make it out alive!

Explore the procedurally-generated maze that changes around you, every minute. Destroy you inner demons, only to see them reborn along with the maze. Luckily the exit, items and treasures stay do your enemies corpses, scarring your soul.

For fans of Rogue-like and Souls-like games, with a fair but challenging difficulty, requiring skill and timing.


Collect all the treasures in a level to level up!
Dash is invincible, use it!
Keep an eye on your stamina bar.
You can only collect up to 9 health potions. Use them wisely.
You don't always have to kill an enemy.
Sometimes it can be wise to stay put and see if the maze opens up. Sometimes you can rush through before a gap might close. Take a gamble!
This game is free to distribute. If you wish to distribute this game for money, please contact me for royalty pricing details.