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Mass 360

By morningtoast Published on May 24th, 2016 Last updated on Aug 24th, 2016

This started out as something entirely different but morphed into something pretty personal. It's not the best looking thing and it gets really hectic near the end, even for my shmup tastes, but wanted to get this up sooner than later. I might not return to this before the Jam deadline...hopefully I will.

Arrows - Rotate player
Z - Fire
X - Continue
P - Options menu

Auto-fire is enabled by default. Use the options menu to toggle auto-fire and music.

Feedback is welcomed. I have a short list of things to tweak like better sounds, difficulty balance, level transitions and extras like power-ups but otherwise there is a goal/end so if I'm unable to get anything else done before the deadline, it is a complete game.

Each level is randomly generated within some parameters I set in the code. And shy of the title screen, there are no sprites...not that that's special, just saying. I think it'd be neat to see this game with some actual art behind it.

v1.0.1 - Changed up a few difficult settings to make progression a little better. You start with less time and damage takes away more time.

v1.2 - Several wish list things like sounds, transitions, feedback, etc. Plus lots of code cleanup.

v.13 - Added music, courtesy Brian Follick. Minor cleanup and balancing.