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Magic Bubble

By JWinslow23 Published on Mar 20th, 2019 Last updated on Mar 27th, 2019

Based on one of the most controversial games for the NES (warning: NSFW), Jayson Lowis Harwin (i.e. me) brings you: Magic Bubble!


Playing "Magic Bubble" is easy. Bubbles of many colors come floating upward. You must fit the Bubble Clusters together so four or more Bubbles of the same color touch one another. When four or more of the same colored bubbles press together, the pressure inside the Bubbles increases causing them to pop.

Keep the bubbles bursting since in every space a Bubble gets stuck there is one less place to put the next Bubble Cluster, and they just keep coming. If you can't pop the Bubbles fast enough, the cave fulls up, and the game will end.

It sounds easy, right? Get read to enjoy all 24 mind-blowing stages of bubble popping excitement!


  • D-PAD: Moves the rising Bubble Cluster RIGHT or LEFT, and controls how fast the Bubble Cluster floats up. Pushing DOWN will release a Magic Bubble (see below).
  • Z/C/N: Turns the Bubble Cluster around horizontally (turns left to right).
  • X/V/M: Flips the Bubble Cluster vertically (rotates upside down).

Air Pockets

Air Pockets are formed in the empty spaces between Bubbles that don't fit perfectly. One misplaced bubble can cause many Air Pockets, and Air Pockets take up as much space as Bubbles. One way to get rid of Air Pockets is to remove all the Bubbles below it and expose the Air Pocket to open water. When this is done the Air Pocket will dissolve.

If you're not careful Air Pockets will fill the screen faster than Bubble Clusters. Luckily, you can slide Bubbles into Air Pockets. When you pop the Bubbles you will also get rid of the Air Pockets.

Mystic Pearl

Sometimes during game play a Mystic Pearl will be part of a Bubble Cluster. The glow of the Mystic Pearl has magical powers and will change the color of the Bubbles around it to a single color.

Try to maneuver the Bubble Cluster so when the energies of the Mystic Pearl are released it will affect as many Bubbles as possible.

Plan the position of the Mystic Pearl carefully. The number of Bubbles popped can increase or decrease depending on the color the surrounding Bubbles change to.

Magic Bubbles

Every time you pop a Letter Bubble the letter will be placed in the Magic Window at the top of the screen. After you have collected all the letters needed to spell the word MAGIC, you will receive 1 Magic Bubble. To release a Magic Bubble hold down on the D-Pad.

When a Magic Bubble is released it will float motionless at the bottom of the screen until the Bubble Cluster has settled.

The first thing a Magic Bubble does is remove all Air Pockets. This will cause all Bubbles to settle and should cause some Bubbles to pop. The remaining Bubbles will begin to pulsate with energy and change colors. If you're lucky this will cause even more Bubbles to pop.

There is no indication on screen for Magic Bubbles. It's up to you to remember how many you have collected.

Easter Egg

Only do this if you are 18 or older (I'm serious).