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Low Mem Sky

By Liquidream Published on Dec 27th, 2018

Low Mem Sky: L A S T

You awake to find yourself on an alien planet, with the desire to achieve one thing... reach the centre of the galaxy!

Made in PICO-8 for #DemakeJam 2018, where the original build came 3rd Place.



  • Around 180,383,121,450 unique star systems... (I think!)
  • Each system with...
    • Up to 8 procedurally-generated planets
    • Space Station for trading resources, components and ship upgrades
      (all at system-varying prices)
  • Each planet with unique...
    • Continuous procedural terrain generation
    • Climate-specific resources and collectables
    • Seven base alien species (land, water and air-based) + Sentinels
  • Five different ship classes - all with different specs (speed, capacity, warp range)
  • Auto-save & Restore of progress
  • ...all within a single PICO-8 cart!

Planned Features: NONE (No more room!)


On Foot:

  • ARROWS = Walk around
  • Z = Run (Hold)
  • X = Collect Item / Take-off (when close enough)
  • ENTER = Quick Menu, with options to
    • "Call Ship" to current location
    • (Also an option to delete save/progress - use with caution!)

Space Flight:

  • LEFT / RIGHT = Rotate
  • UP = <Unmapped>
  • DOWN = Open Galactic Map
  • Z = Engage Pulse Engine boost (Hold)
  • X = Land / Dock (when close to planet / station)


Code , Art:


Additional code snippets that I used/adapted: