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By blizzz Published on Jan 27th, 2017 Last updated on Feb 18th, 2018

Go on a byte-sized adventure with Lemonhunter. Find items and gold inside the procedurally generated caves. It's up to you to decide if you want to fight the monsters, or avoid them. If you're lucky you might find the golden lemon of your dreams at the end. Only have a couple minutes left in your break? Don't worry, speedrunners will be rewarded with extra points!

z/c - jump
x/v - attack
down+x/v - throw a bomb

New in version 0.42: 60fps mode, improved layouts and more juice. This is probably the final version, unless I manage to add some music.

Please play the game in the exe version of Pico-8 if it runs slow in your browser, or try version 0.3 below.

Released under CC4-BY-NC-SA license. I'm sorry for the source code. It's a mess since I ran out of tokens and had to remove comments because of the size limit.

Some sprites are shrunken down versions of art by Sebastiaan van Hijfte (CC BY-NC 3.0)