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King Chill

By Elastiskalinjen Published on Sep 22nd, 2016 Last updated on Dec 16th, 2016

Ho ho ho! Christmas is here and so is a big patch of King Chill. This is a present from me to you, hope
you like it!

A challenging platform game with the focus on just the platforming.

You play as a king  that on unknown circumstances is stuck in a deep cave.  On your journey you will dodging lava, spikes and maybe some bugs ;)

The goal is to get out as fast as possible! The clock is always ticking so play smart and chill!

Hope you enyoy it and post your best scores in the comments!

- Remade all levels to make them more fair and fun
- Added a startscreen and two modes(normal, chirstmas)
- Added new sprites and sound
- Added particle-effects to make it look awesome


- You have longer time to finish the game
- Fixed collsision on lava on the sides
- Patched holes on the top, I think most levels will not be escapable(lv 5 is escapable)
- A message will tell you that you have to hurry up at a certain score, so you you do know why you died.
- Made some levels a little easier
- Made the controls more stiff, but it it also made it easier to control the king

Thanks for playtesting and commenting, stay awesome!