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Kick Wizards

By fweez Published on Oct 18th, 2016 Last updated on Oct 21st, 2016

Kick Wizards is a 1-4 player beat 'em up inspired by the old TMNT and X-Men arcade games I pumped a thousand quarters into back in the mid-nineties.

tap (o) to cast punch -- on the web, player 1: z, player 2: tab
tap (x) to cast kick -- on the web, player 1: x, player 2: q

Hold the buttons to charge for a more powerful attack.

Charge a spell near a healing crystal to get some HP back

Players on the web will be limited to 2 players (player 2's arrow keys are sdfe); folks with the real PICO-8 console can play up to 4 at once.

If another player dies, living wizards can charge spells near the gravestone to resurrect the dead wizard.

This game is pretty difficult. Gamepads are strongly recommended.

v 1.2 Hopefully, v1.2 fixes the issue where the Dark Wizard sometimes gets stuck. Also fixes some textures on level 3.
v 1.3 More Dark Wizard fixes for issues reported on twitter. 3rd time's the charm, maybe? (Wait, but this is the 4th version...)
v 1.4 Hah uploaded a debug version
v 1.5 Updated with music, and more Dark Wizard fixes! Hopefully this is the last update for a while.
v 1.6 *Sigh*. Nope. Fixes another crash.