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Jet Set Fly

By Elastiskalinjen Published on Jan 25th, 2017 Last updated on Mar 15th, 2017

A fast paced endless runner with the use of only one button.

Finally done with my PCG-project!
This time you have to master jumping and jetpacking trough endless obstacles coming your way. How long can you survive?

If you managed to get 4 coins without touching the ground you get a shield, this will be vital for your survival!
Be careful with the grey coins, they will break your combo and send you down to ground!

Any button: Arrow keys/Z/X

  • Hold to charge your jump and release to jump.
  • In air: Hold the button to use your jetpack

Good luck and stay Awesome!


-Update 1.1-
-Saving should now work(hopefully, new to this)
-Camera shake implemented(why not)