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By Alazoral Published on May 30th, 2016

ISOHOPES is a puzzle/management/simulation game where you must set up and maintain a chain reaction in a nuclear fission reactor. Try to make as much profit as possible, without having a meltdown.

Fuel rods emit neutrons and heat when struck by slow (white) neutrons, control rods eat neutrons and coolant conducts heat and slows neutrons. Control rods are free, but the rest is going to cost you.

The coolant changes colour as it gains and distributes heat. It will boil away if it gets too hot, so keep an eye on the blue meter to monitor its level. You can check your reactor's highest temperature with the red meter. If that meter maxes out, you will meltdown and lose everything.

You can spark neutrons to ignite your chain reaction using a fuel rod, add or remove coolant with a control rod, and retire when you think you've made all the dosh you can by going to the pump in the top right.

Help and contextual prompts are built in, but music and other levels are not... yet.

Good luck, have fun, and keep splitting those atoms!