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By XNargaHunter Published on Feb 26th, 2018 Last updated on Jun 17th, 2018

Calling it done :D

Working on a futuristic imagining of Joust as my first PICO-8 project :P


  • "O" to recharge lance (when it breaks)
  • "X" to ready/put away lance
  • Arrow keys to move

-Version 1.0.0- Latest

  • Added a small bit of polish to Game Over screen
  • Added Instructions screen

-Version 0.7.0-

  • Added placeholder music¬†(credit Zep)
  • Fixed collision bug

-Version 0.6.0-

  • Updated map
  • Arena Hazards
  • Scoring and Game Over
  • Added health
  • Adjusted UI
  • Fixed collision bug
  • Sorry for the fast update
  • Fixed memory issue
  • Fixed support for spawn positions and animations
  • Added spawn positions and animated tiles to map
  • Increased version number
  • Title screen w/ transitions
  • Chained Enemy spawning
  • Support for map-defined spawn points and animated tiles (untested)
  • Screen shake
  • Particles
  • Radar
  • Decoupled AI
  • Lance "breaks" when colliding with obstacles
  • Recharge Lance with Z (and then ready/put away as usual)
  • Move with arrow keys
  • Ready/put away lance with X
  • Collision response with map obstacles