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Heavy Duty Sprinkler

By darkhog Published on Aug 30th, 2015 Last updated on Sep 25th, 2015

Oh noes! The fire had started at the Warehouse! And there are people there!


The ultimate AI, sentient fire extinguishing tool!

Control it with LEFT and RIGHT arrows and rain water by pressing Z!

Don't overdo it though, as water is precious and for any unit of water used, you'll have to hang on for another second before firesquad arrives!

You need to save PEOPLE, by putting out any fire that is WORTH 5 POINTS. Don't rain on people too much, as water is under HIGH PRESSURE and if too much of it lands on a person, it'll PEEL THE SKIN OFF!

After each LEVEL you'll be presented with screen that will show how many PEOPLE you SAVED (each of these worth 15 POINTS added to your SCORE!) and how much of WATER you used (not necessarily in that order).

For every SAVED LIFE you'll be saved 5 SECONDS of waiting on the next level!

I am not a big fan of my music.

Credits where credits due:
Wall tiles - Connorses
Floor tiles (modified by me) - nineraser