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"Got-Ya!" - A Pico-8 Gacha Game

By enargy Published on Sep 28th, 2018 Last updated on Oct 24th, 2018

UPDATE: 9/29 - Now the cooldown works differently -- you can 'login' up to once an hour. The higher your streak, the more tokens you can potentially win during the login roulette minigame.

TIP: The more times you login in during the same day, the more tokens you can get when you play roulette. MAX Streak is now 8 as well, because.. well, pico-8.

[EDIT: New version fixes a bug where only Wandering Fluff would show up -- and adds AUTO-SCRATCH (hold O/Z or Right Mouse Button to have the computer scratch for you)]

UPDATE Starting in October, there will be 13 Days of updates Oooooo (all leading up to the end on #MMAMJam on Saturday the 14th). Updates will include new (SPOOOOKY!) characters and.. other things :) Stay tuned!

Make an account!

Collect random cards!

Scratching is addictive!

Come back daily to [LOGIN] for more chances to win!

FYI, joypad (or keyboard) and mouse should both work pretty well -- I tried to make using either (or even both) pretty seamless and intuitive.

(Apologies in advance if this marks the end of civilization as we know it)

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