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By Elastiskalinjen Published on Nov 12th, 2016 Last updated on Nov 13th, 2016 371

In a world where robots are taking over, you are the only one who has a chance to defeat them.

The game is a open world- adventure- arcade game were you can explore and tackle all the bosses in any order of your choice.
At your arsenal you have the ability to grow and expand at your command, giving you different stats and attributes in three forms:

* Small but fast,
* Medium, absorber of bullets,
* Large, slow but a lot of more damage than the other.

You have to decide which form is best at every encounter and managing your stamina meter.

The game is as big is going to get without using procedual-content, so the whole map is used, 80 % of the spritesheet, and 7839/8192 tokens used! No music, because that would only sounded terrible for your ears !

Hope you will have a good time and a great day!
/Elastiskalinjen (Sebastian)
Arrow keys = move
If powered up
Z and X = LIGHT

* Made it a LOT more clear that you can not use your powers at the start(changed text, effects,controls etc)
- Thanks Morning Toast