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By Jusiv Published on May 12th, 2019

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Left/Right: Walk
Up: Jump
Down: Drop/Interact
Z/X: Rotate the world

This is a tiny adventure based directly on FEZ, a game by the Polytron Corporation. It is a fan work, and was not made in collaboration with or endorsed by them.

FUZ features a total of 8 distinct areas. Its visuals, mechanics, and puzzles are all based off those in the original.

I made the music myself, as while FEZ has a phenomenal soundtrack a lot of it does not translate well to PICO-8. I can't claim to be very musically inclined, but I hope it works well enough.

Also, while there is no save system, the game is completable very quickly if you know what to do so getting back to your previous place is not hard.

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Thanks for playing, and let me know what you think!