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Fifteen Puzzle

By wolfbrother9393 Published on Mar 19th, 2017 Last updated on Mar 23rd, 2017

I decided to add a bit of visual variety to the background and added some procedural dithering based on Trasevol_dog's work. I'm hoping to combine this with cellular automata once I've learned how to control that a bit better. Then maybe add some motion so when you slide a tile in a direction, it causes the whole puzzle to lurch to the side and the background cellular automata to change with that movement.

I thought it'd be a fun little challenge to build a Fifteen Puzzle game in Pico-8. I used to play a little toy version I'd keep in my pocket in the pre-smart-phone days.

I'm hoping to build on it by adding sound and visual flairs as I learn more within Pico-8. This is also the first project I've posted. So hey everybody! :D

I look forward to sharing more soon.