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By gfcarstensen Published on Mar 14th, 2017 Last updated on Apr 13th, 2017

Your mission is to penetrate the enemies secret lair buried fathoms deep inside an active volcano and retrieve the stolen plans. Collect USB drives of enemy secrets for bonus points on each level.

Your agent is armed with only his glide suit and his wits in this hardcore platformer.

Arrow Keys or D-PAD to move.
Z or B button to Jump - press again to glide slowly.
While gliding, press X/A button or press Up to boost briefly upwards.

Get to the bottom of each level to get to the next.

Good luck! Feedback welcome.

Update: A game save and resume/continue feature has been added. It now saves after every death and every level you pass, so it allows you to resume from right where you left off.

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