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Endless Plants Vs Zombies

By gfcarstensen Published on Apr 13th, 2018 Last updated on Apr 15th, 2018

Pico 8 needed a mini version of this classic!

Levels/Waves are generated procedurally- see how long you can last and how high you score.

Use the keyboard or joystick, move the cursor to collect sun and plant your plants.

Includes a seed system, so if you enjoyed a particular game, note the seed down and share it. You can also replay it easily if you wanted to try to get further.

Beware while it's endless, and you don't restart each level, your plants remain, there are acts of nature that hit your garden keeping you on your toes.


  • Added a 35 second timer after level 2 when only a few zombies left before next level starts.


  • Updated controls, see below.


  1. Plant a few sun flower plants early. Move the cursor to collect sun. Sun is used to grow plants and fight the zombies.

  2. New plants introduced as you advance. To plant press the Z on the keyboard or A button on the controller. This will allow you to select the plan you'd like to plant there. Press Z again to plant. To exit without planting, press X or B button, or move down off the plant selection bar.

  3. Hit the B button or X on the keyboard to pause/resume or quit at any time.

  4. A few hints - get lots of sun early and build your defences strong early while you can, after about level 5 to 6, the waves start getting pretty big with new zombies appearing such as the Football Zombie, Miner, Newspaper Zombie, Trash can, and the Pole Vaulter.