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Dusk Child

By SophieHoulden Published on Aug 15th, 2015 Last updated on Apr 15th, 2017

Z - Examine/Pick-up/Drop
X - (not used until later in the game)
Up - Jump
Down - Duck/Crawl
Left/Right - Move

You have been drawn to a mysterious place, what secrets does it hold, and what will they mean for you?

When not carrying an item, you can examine things. If you're stuck, try examining signs and other objects.
When you have explored far enough into the western temple, you can use the 'X' button.

I'm calling this "done" though there are a few things I might touch up in the future. Right now though, I've spent too long working on this already and need to get back to work on things that stand a chance of making some money :P

1.4: fixed map initialisation corrupting some sprites
1.3: fixed a bug & added some minor text
1.2: fixed special effects rendering wrong in newer pico-8 builds
1.1: fixed a couple of bugs
1.0: first version