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By relsqui Published on Mar 25th, 2018 Last updated on Apr 14th, 2018

Dragondell, a cute stealth adventure game. Code and art are by me, music and sound design are by Gruber -- The main page for this game is now on its page -- feel free to continue leaving comments here as well, but I may be slower to see them, and the version here may lag behind that version if I make further updates.

Note: There's a brief flashing effect when you go through the portal. You can disable it in the pause menu.


  • Collect loot by bringing keys to chests
  • Befriend royals with O (z), then return them to the castle of the proper color (match robes to flags and lead them all the way to the door)
  • Don't get spotted by knights; you can breathe fire at them by holding X (x), but it takes a couple seconds
  • Once all the royals are returned, use the portal to end the game