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Curse of Kildren

By gfcarstensen Published on Mar 30th, 2018 Last updated on Apr 14th, 2018

A Zelda like adventure. Defeat the wizard Kildren and release the kingdom from his wintery curse.

Features an Overworld and 6 dungeons to explore. Includes 6 bosses, and many different enemies, weapons and items.

New in V1.4:

A few changes to make the game easier, especially early in the game.

  • Added an additional, easy to find chest with a heart in it early in the game.
  • Made max health be 9, not 8.
  • After dying you now start with 4 health if you have it, not 3.
  • Added one more red potion in the first container.

New in V1.3:

  • Made shield block standard glowing bullets (does not block fireballs). You must be facing the bullet and not be moving or attacking.
  • Changed static trap that shoots in 4 discrete directions to use fireball (so can't block) - the trap that targets you still uses the standard bullet
  • Made you start the game after death assuming you have found some heart containers with 3 hearts, not 2.

New in V1.2:

  • Added some acceleration when first start moving.

New in V1.1:

  • Yellow Moles (pop up and down) - only hurt you when fully extended now- gives you a bit of warning


  • You can have health up to 9. Hearts are found in chests in both the Overworld and in 4 of the 6 dungeons. Find the Overworld hearts early as your first priority.

  • There are several important items in stores - find them early.

  • Defeating all enemies in a room increases chances of more gold being dropped by the last enemy.

  • There are exactly the right amount of keys in the Overworld and Dungeon - no extras- so keep looking if you're stuck!

  • Most containers are gone once destroyed and their items found- a few respawn after death- very helpful to regain health after death.

  • The game tracks number of deaths and time and displays this once you win. Good luck!

  • For further hints and an Overworld map, see further below.

Music originally composed by Koji Kondo, (C) Nintendo.

Note, if anyone would like to contribute music, let me know. I put the a Zelda song for the Dungeons in as a place holder for those that have played the original Legend of Zelda on NES. It would be great to have an Overworld song, and a dungeon song.

Map of Overworld

Hints below- read on, only if you want them- note some of them might be considered spoilers...!

  • Heart containers in the Overworld can be found at 2C, and 3A. Get these early - note not all bushes are solid! Note, the keys to open the chests can be found in containers within the Overworld. Make sure to check every container by attacking them!

  • The first dungeon - the Sewers - is located in 1D - hiding under some containers. In this dungeon be sure to collect the two keys, and use them to open a chest to get a heart container, and also to open the other chest to get to the Boss. Defeating the boss gives you the skeleton key which allows you to pass the gate at 2D.

  • The store at 3A carries the Mithril Sword - which gives you a +1 to damage. Buy it anytime before Dungeon 2 or 3. It's not recommended to try Dungeon 3 without it.

  • The second dungeon - Catacombs - is found at 1E. It as well has two keys and two chests, one containing a heart container, the other to pass through to the Boss. Defeat this Boss to get the Lost Soul.

  • The third dungeon - Cave - is found at 5E. The demon guarding it requires the Lost Soul in order to pass. This dungeon contains two keys and two chests, one to get to the Boss, the other to a treasure room. Defeat the Boss to retrieve the Fire Orb.

  • A secret store exists at 5D - attack the mountain to reveal the door. This store sells the Crystal Sword which does +2 damage. Get this item at the latest before attempting Dungeon 5 (Sea Cavern). If you find Dungeon 4 too challenging and don't have this sword, get it!

  • The store at 3D sells the Mithril Shield. Recommend getting this before Dungeon 5.

  • The fourth dungeon, Fire Tomb, is found at 7B. You require the Fire Orb to pass the guard. This dungeon contains two keys, and two chests. One chest contains a heart container, and the other allows passage to the Boss. Defeat the Boss to get the Talisman.

  • The Blue Ring can be found at the store at 6C. Buy it before Dungeon 5 at the latest. It reduces damage taken. It is very difficult to win the game without it. To gain access to this store and to the castle, a secret entrance on the top right of 5C through the mountains is revealed by attacking the mountain.

  • At this point you can proceed to the Castle and attempt the final dungeon, or optional goto Dungeon 5. With the difficulty of Dungeon 6, it's recommended to proceed to Dungeon 5.

  • Dungeon 5, Sea Cavern, can be found at 3B. You need to find a key from a container not too far away to gain passage. This dungeon contains 2 keys and 2 chests. One chest contains a heart container, the other gains passage to the Boss. Defeat the Boss to retrieve the Red Ring. This doubles damage and is very important to make the final Dungeon and Boss beatable.

  • Dungeon 6, Castle, is where Kildren lies in wait. The entrance is at 7E. The Talisman is required to pass the outer Guard. This dungeon has 3 keys and chests.