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Cosmo Boing!

By minsoft Published on Oct 28th, 2016

Here is my first Pico-8 game, 'Cosmo Boing!', a fantasy arcade game for one or two players.

The aim is simply to guide your ball to the finish line, without falling into a gap. Levels increase in length and difficulty as you progress. Use of 'direction' tiles is possible (and unavoidable), so use them to aid progress. You have 3 'jumps' (per level/life) which you can use to jump gaps or avoid certain tiles - use these wisely!


Safe tile: 1 point
Direction tile: 2 points
Consecutive direction tiles (combo): 5 points per tile, plus 25 bonus for every 5 tile combo.
Level clear: amount varies depending on level difficulty, reduced by using 'jumps', and zeroed when a life is lost.
Bonus point powerup: amount varies (random).

Bonus lives are awarded at 1000 points, and every 2000 points thereafter.

Power-Ups (green animated icons):

Bonus points
Bonus jump
Bonus life
Super jump


Insert Coin = Up
Move left/right = Left / Right
Jump = X or Z (Shift or A for player 2)

Note: when 2 players are active, players are given 5 jumps instead of the usual 3.

This has been a fun project, taken me about 5-6 weeks to write (on and off). This is my first game and first Pico-8 project (wasn't even intended to be a game originally) so the code could be better/tidier.

Hopefully there aren't any bugs, but please let me know if you find any! I'd also be interested to hear how far you can get. Hope you enjoy!