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Chimeras Garden

By Benjamin Soulé Published on Oct 11th, 2016

This is the game I'm working on right now.
It's a pokemon-like game. You start with one chimera and must convert new chimeras by fighting them.

- Move/Swap your chimeras, talk and grab stuff with arrow keys. Fights are automatics.
- When you defeat a group of chimeras they turn green and you can convert one of them.
- Your starting group size is only one but you can improve it by collecting rods of obedience.
- Your surviving chimeras wont replenish health or mana. You need to find apples to do this.

The map is not really balanced right now but the game is somehow playable. So I would be interested to know at this point how much chimeras you can defeat.
If you can defeat all 160 nothing will happen, because I didnt implement any ending right now.

Have fun !