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Cave Runners!

By guerragames Published on Aug 28th, 2016 Last updated on Sep 12th, 2016

Cave Runners!

- Your good friends are lost in this complex cave maze, run inside it to find them quickly!

- Press button, click mouse or tap the screen to make your runner jump.
- Use the restart run menu option in the pause menu if you feel you're wasting too much time on a single run.

- Simple one-button/mouse-click/screen-tap control allows you to play on your PC, tablet or smart phone.
- In Cave Runners there is no death nor damage, only annoying difficult jumps, missed jumps, one-sided walls and evil inanimate things alike.
- 6 unlockable extra playable characters.
- Each character has an extra secret target objective... be sure to find it.

Special thanks to my wife for playtesting the game, people in twitter for motivational retweets and likes and people here that post useful code examples with techniques, tweetcarts and whatnots.

Feedback, critiques, bugs, best-times, screenshots, etc would be greatly appreciated by yours truly.

Update 1.101:
- Tiny update to make a few jumps a little less frustrating.

Update 1.1:
- Replaced the target circle with a little arrow.
- Added gold, silver and bronze medals based on my personal times, try to beat them.
- Once all characters are unlocked, display the sum of best time... see how much you can reduce it.