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Canyon Bomber

By Rahrahrah Published on Oct 24th, 2018


[Z] Red Player/Player One Drop Bomb
[W] Yellow Player/Player Two Drop Bomb
[Arrows L/R] Select Switch Left or Right
[Arrows U/D] Toggle Switch Up or Down

How to Start a One Player Game:

First, turn on the console. When the console is on, the game number can be seen above the play field. This screen is the game select screen. Toggle the game reset switch while the game number is 1 and you will start a one player game. Have fun!

How to Play:

The player with the highest score wins. The game ends when someone scores 1000 points or misses with six bombs. If you do not hit a colored block with your bomb it is a miss. If you do not take a shot as you cross the canyon, it is a miss. The deeper the block, the higher the score. Six different game modes for one or two players.

More on Using the Console:

Hitting the game reset switch does one of two things. It either exits the game and returns to the game select screen or it will launch the currently selected game. Use the game select switch to select the game number you want to play.

With the difficulty switch in the upper position (a), you cannot shoot another bomb until it has hit something. Setting the difficulty switch to the lower position (b), you can fire again before the bomb has hit something with no penalty. The left and right difficulty switches are for player one and player two respectively.

The TV type switch gives you the option of B&W or color.

You can only shut off the console from the game select screen. The game select switch only can be toggled from the game select screen.