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Bullet Cave

By morningtoast Published on Nov 12th, 2016

How far can you make it inside bullet cave?

1) Don't let enemies pass you or spikes will grow from behind
2) Shooting (Z) enemies grows the cave; avoid the walls
3) Use your freeze power (X) to invert enemies and make the cave shrink
4) Collect power-ups to change your weapon and gain freeze power

Can you unlock all 20 items? 10 themes and 10 character ships available

- Ship designs from @guerragames @qbicfeet @westfellapps @joshmillard @pixelartm
- Original music by Brian Follick, @Gnarcade_VGM
- 6 weapons of destruction
- 20 unlockables

Plays great on the PocketCHIP too, just search for "bullet cave" in Splore.

Please report any bugs in a reply or message @morningtoast on Twitter.