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By dragfly Published on May 29th, 2015 Last updated on Jun 1st, 2015

Hi guys,

Here is my second cartridge for Pico-8.

The game can be summarized as "Nibble meets breakout".

You control a worm-like character and you must reach the top of the wall. The play field scrolls down when you eat a nugget. If you don't climb fast enough, you can die by the raising deadly water. When you are blocked in a dead end, you can shrink your worm using button 1.

You cannot destruct directly the bricks. You must rely on balls to do it. The balls can be blocked or pushed by your worm, but beware of not blocking them in a corner, or they will explode!

It is a Work in Progress, and there is still a lot of work to do (and I have plenty of cool idea for it :-) ).
But it is already in a state good enough to share it with you.

There is only very basic sounds for the moment. I suggest to turn the volume off ;-)

Update v0.2:
- Fix ball's directions when pushing them with the worm
- Ignore collision with bricks outside the visible area

Update v0.3:
- Add collectible items to increase/reduce worm size
- Add minimal score system (1 broken brick = 1 point)
- Add some sounds
- Fix worm behaviour (it was not expanding as expected after a shrink)
- Small tuning of the demo level