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Brick Tickler

By joeyspacerocks Published on Aug 27th, 2016 Last updated on Sep 25th, 2016 382

There were bricks in the sky. Why?

They fell on our cities - we did not like this.

We considered sending fighter jets against them, or surface-to-air missiles.

Wiser heads prevailed and instead an enormous, gravity defying bat was constructed, armed with spherical counter-measures and launched to protect us.

Sounds like the plot of a soon-to-be-commissioned movie (contact details in my about section).

Whelp. Arrows, X to serve. Bounce bricks for bonuses, multiple times for more.

There's only a few levels there at the moment, so I may add more. It might be a bit hard though.

Obviously I apologise for the 'music'. But nothing else.

**UPDATE 1 **

This game is too hard! I've reduced the number of bricks, made the bat a bit bigger and added some multi-ball power bricks.

It's STILL too hard! Oh well.

** UPDATE 2 **

Changed the bat controls to be less floaty (thanks for the feedback :)

Chris Donnelly (@gruber_music) has also very kindly spent some time on greatly enhancing the simple ditty I had playing, so there is now real music!