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Bomb Squad

By gamax92 Published on Dec 4th, 2015 Last updated on Dec 6th, 2015

Still working on it, but it's gotten to the point where all major features have been implemented and it's winnable.


You're solving a bomb with a certain number of digits (depending on how many you choose), by rewiring and replacing modules. How hard could that be?

Panel overview:
You'll view a grid of 4x5 panels, each corresponding to an element in the number, as you solve circuits, the panels will change to green and represent a part of the number. When you're confident in what the number is, press X and select the number. You can only do this when you've solved two circuits. Each panel must be guessed correctly to win the game, and if you guess incorrectly ... well ...

The circuit:
Pay attention to what flashes briefly, as it won't be said again until you complete a module. Go from 1st to 2nd to 3rd, cutting each side of the module, removing the old one, and soldering the new one on. When you're "cutting out" the modules, you replace the module you're working on with a wire (the grey rectangle), and if you're "replacing" them, you replace it with one of either same shape or same color. It won't be both, and you might have to try either to figure out what the circuit wants. Once you figure it out, every other module will follow the same rule.

No you can't just cut off a side of the circuit and then resolder it, that won't work.

(Havent worked on this in forever so might as well just move it to Cartridges, it's playable at the very least.)