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Across the River

By Benjamin Soulé Published on May 21st, 2015

Can you bring the wolf, the goat, the cabbage, the hunter, the gun, the monkey and the washing machine on the other side !?

- You can only get one of them in the boat at a time.
- You can hide one object in the washing machine.
- When you re not around your folks will interract this way :

#1 The goat will eat the cabbage.
#2 The goat will eat the gun if the hunter is not there.
#3 The wolf will eat the goat.
#4 The wolf eat the monkey if he can't hide on the washing machine
#5 The hunter will kill the wolf with the help of his gun
#6 You need the gun to convince the hunter to come into the boat.
#7 The monkey will turn on the washing machine and destroy its contents if not playing with the cabbage.
#8 The monkey will throw the cabbage at the wolf if they're on opposite sides ( The wolf will flee )
#9 You need help from the hunter to lift the washing machine.

: move your character
: grab or drop an item
: fire with the gun
: undo last move

Across the river is a remake of a game I made 2 years ago  with Twine
My initial goal was to learn to make narrative games, but as you can see it was a failure ^_^
I was thinking the game deserve a more graphic version but was too lazy to do it, but now with pico-8 everything is possible in few hours :D