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By petereke Published on Oct 2nd, 2017 Last updated on Apr 3rd, 2018

8:00 AM by Sushicats

The objective is to make sure that the cars reach their destination and avoiding traffic jams.

You move the cursor with arrows.
While Z is pressed and you move the cursor you place roads.
While X is pressed and you move the cursor you remove roads.
Tapping X on top of an existing road will cycle through some options, you can make straight roads one directional and you can add semaphores on top of intersections.

Made for 'traffic jam' themed game jam for Clujotronic 2017 where it won 2nd place.

(the other games were not pico-8 so you won't find them here)

I put the explanation in post because currently the game start directly in the game. There is no title screen, and after a game over you can reset with Z or X and start again from scratch. The music is inspired from 'Gary Numan - Cars'