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#3CJam Hub Cart

By enargy Published on Nov 29th, 2017 Last updated on Dec 1st, 2017

-- 11/29/17 --
EDIT: Bugfix release has replaced the original version:
-Corrects some issues with cart loading
-Music is less random (now only cycles when using a door)
-tweaked a few puzzles
-note: Do NOT mess with haunted hardware -- who KNOWS what could happen?
-note: Also do NOT mess with controller 2. I mean, who KNOWS what could happen??
-note: Do NOT experiment with items -- who KNOWS what could happen?
-note: Do NOT, I repeat do NOT look for odd-numbered houses. They probably don't even exist anywhere. It isn't healthy to imagine such things. Try to stay grounded instead.

The #3CJam 2017 hub cart is finally complete!
This isn't the witch game that castpixel and I started on as a 3cjam entry. It's.. something else.
"What is it, then?" you ask??
Well.. You'll have to explore and find out for yourself. :)

If you get stuck, feel free to post here in the thread or twitter.


[O] (z) - 'Jump'
[X] (x) - 'Action'
Other buttons: Explained as needed (mostly)



HUGE thanks to..
Hub art/code/music - @enargy
Playtesting & feedback - @castpixel
Playtesting & feedback - eggnog (@platformalist)
Playtesting & feedback - Ollie, Lucas, Stella
Fanart & feedback - Pako

ALL of the #3CJam 2017 contributors -- without you, something like this couldn't exist:
Eggnog (Spoopy)
Jusiv (Night Fright Flight)
mccolgst (Boo is missing)
rahrahrah (It had to be bats!!)
guerragames (Skulldude)
taeckerwyss (Cruiser Kid)
s4e (Halloween Casino)
npckc (Ghosts in the Garden)
liquidream (Hallowe3n)
frescogusto (Skelethrone)
dollarone (Happy Larry and the Vampire Bat)
overkill (Wandering Magic)
kittenm4ster (Hammerstreik 1517)
106 games (0102)

And another huge thanks to @castpixel for patiently letting me indulge in this 'small little uh.. game browser thing..?' that turned into a.. wow, yeah officially a month long project.

Oh and uh.. keep your eyes peeled for updates on picOS.