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By LeDjinn Published on Aug 21st, 2015 Last updated on Aug 19th, 2016

this is my first try at Pico8 with a simple shoot'm up
inspired by a submission to @pixelsweekly

Finally, i got back to 194-8 !
lots of new stuff in this build so i decided to jump to 1.0

-Arrows to move
-X to Fire
-C to shoot big Lazor (the bottomleft jauge replenish when you catch pink globe)

changelog 1.0:
- lots of cleaning in the code (i'm sure a lot more can be done)
- boss battle with intro, music & attack pattern
- ennemies lifebar
- catching yellow orb while already at full health will boost your main gun up to 4 times
- lots of new ennemies and they now spawn in some pattern
- after each boss you continue the game with tougher opponent, and a new color palette
- your ship now fly faster when not firing
- the overall difficulty is ranked up